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How To: Bubble Skate on Titan - Destiny 2 Bubble Skating Guide / Tuto

The titan bubble skates works differently from wellskate and shatterskate. The titan bubble works from my observations below: It keeps you grounded and makes you slide on the surface you skated. You can propel yourself vertically by doing the skate on an upward slope. You will keep the speed you got from this skate if you leave the surface ... An Eager Edge Sword is required! If you need help wi... This video is mainly for Razer Synapse users. But of course you can pull this off without Macro as well. An Eager Edge Sword is required! If ...Me and a friend learned how to shatter skate and it's incredible😍. shatter skate? There's a way to shatterdive and use eager edge (heavy attack) at the same time. So you go near an edge or drop of any size pretty much and you power swing, jump and shatterdive basically at the same time and you yeet at high speed.

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Eager Edge Hunter Skate. Recently D2 added a new and beautiful perk call eager edge. This brought new meaning to skating for all classes, especially hunter. I've been trying to learn the second mechanic for hunter for over an hour and couldn't get it right. So I decided to play around with some macro's and I'm gonna post them here for people ...A quick explanation I used in another comment: Wellskating and Shatterskating are identical, but require a different third input; heavy attack with eager edge off of a ledge, then jump, then Well/shatterdive. Bubbleskating has different timing and doesn't need a jump, but is much more difficult and consumes your super.Maybe a perk on the Voidwalker as a press and then hold A/X or something, IDK. WRT skating, I also think it depending on the style/performance of the feat. Skating such that you cross a laughably small Crucible map in a couple seconds is bullshit, and that's from a (Striker) Titan main.Im not saying you should use them or shouldnt but to say all macros are bannable is clearly misinformed. Just stay away from non-peripheral softwares and you should be okay. 1. Reply. dracobatman. • 2 yr. ago. Yes. Any macro can get you banned. -8.How to skate: Jump, switch to sword and light attack, then switch weapon to maintain momentum and wait 4 seconds for the eagers edge to be ready again. When you land on the ground jump immediately to to keep your momentum even …Be careful with the macros. My clan mate got banned for using a similar one on his hunter. 1. Reply. ive looked everywhere and i just couldnt find it pls share.With the new Halo Sword (Half Truths) in the Bungie 30th Anniversary event, you can sword skate even better than before thanks to the new perk Eager Edge. It...Logitech Macro for Eager Edge skating. can you give well skating macro? 833K subscribers in the destiny2 community. r/destiny2 is a community hub for fans to talk about the going-ons of Destiny 2. All posts and discussion….join discord if you need help:, a trampoline, and a back injury: "The Cutting Edge" skating doubles Sharon Carz and John Denton reveal the truth about figure skating's most dangerous (albeit fictional) move.Skating edge class - drills for figure skaters! Great figure skating warmup edge class for figure skaters and hockey players too. Stay tuned for my advanced ...Dec 11, 2021 · While airborne: activate Eager Edge, light swing, then swap back to any weapon (any class).While falling: activate Eager Edge, heavy swing, press jump & Shat... #clips #gaming #d2 #destiny2 #witchqueen #desigamer #destiny #seasonofplunder #macro #logitech #wellskateif you found this helpfull a like and a sub is more ...The theoretical concept that a loop jump entry is a controlled but "unbalanced" position is very important. Michelle notes that you simply cannot do a loop and create any edge pressure while standing directly over the skate. The trick of extending the skating foot and leaning on the boards to feel the edge pressure is very helpful for many ...The buff stays active long enough for three swipes to work but the third one just doesn't get the benefit. its a really tight window for it, but its definitely doable. if you were able to do 2 swings without enhanced eager you should be able to get 3 with it. ill try to take a video in a bit.

Dec 18, 2021 · This is how you skate on all classes using Half-Truths/Other Half sword with Eager Edge. The procedure to begin Well Skating is as follows, with these steps require rapid successive inputs to execute successfully: Swap to your sword. Immediately use …This movement tech is pretty cool and i thought id make a video on both :).Also im not really sure how to describe the grapple one so ive just called it flyi...This is how to go super fast by using a glaive and mask of bakris. Sword skating without the sword. Source:

5 Oct 2022 ... SaltagreppoD2 @A_dmg04 >Well/shatter skate, are still untouched been wondering about this too. My only guess is that it's maybe in their ...Twitter: #thewitchqueenThis is a quick tutorial for those struggling with doing some advanced warlock tech on a controller. I hope it helps!Here are the video timestampsPart 1 - In...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. It's the same way as shatterdive skating, except. Possible cause: I hope you enjoyed watching If you liked the video it'd mean the world if you.

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#destiny2pc #destiny2lightfall #hunter #shatterskate #eageredgeWhat This Video CoversIn this tutorial i show you Hunters how to shatter skate like a bad A**...Highly recommend the enhanced version if you use Eager Edge on a regular basis.00:00 - Perk Details00:21 - Triple Swings + Skating00:46 - Better Forgiveness

Community Research. Credits. Readying the S In this video i teach you how to do my favourite movement techniques in the game.#destiny2 #bungie #game #gameplay #titan #hunter #warlock #lightfall ... Focus on the rocker and midsection of theif you never learned how to fly using your sparrow, u Hunters have the most constraints put on them when it comes to Eager Edge Skating, but it is well worth it. This technique can be used whenever, wherever and...I'm a controller player using the standard mappings and I can well skate on like 70% of attempts. Just put yourself in a situation where you can practice the timing until you get it. After swapping to your eager edge sword, press jump-heavy attack-super in that order in rapid succession off of a ledge. This video is a guide on some advanced Warlock movement tech How To: Bubble Skate on Titan - Destiny 2 Bubble Skating Guide / TutorialThis is a Titan Bubble Skating Tutorial. This video goes over how to titan bubble sk... How To Do It. Step 1. Find edge, make sure when you use Heavy Attac#Destiny2 #shorts Twitch: edges take time. The push and hold fo A Small Guide of how to Eager Edge Skate! Like, sub and comment for more! This was made on PS4!!/tid=CUSA00572_00 Only macro scheme. It's literally the hunter_skate.ahk This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. To review, open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters. Eager Edge Hunter Skate. Recently D2 add[Testing out Warlock Well Skating with Enhanced Eager Edge in 2022Are you a fan of browsing, shopping, and staying safe Sep 15, 2023 · Yes, this is mandatory for the Well Skate to work, as the ledge is what allows us to cancel the casting of our Well. Pull out your Eager Edge Sword. You will have about 4 seconds of Eager Edge active, so you can take your time before the next step. Heavy Attack with your Sword off of the ledge. Jump. Cast Well of Radiance. It's the same way as shatterdive skating, except instead of pressing the shatterdive button you use your super. So while running off a ledge, you would swap and …